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How can MyLot help me?

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 MyLot is a discussion and a question and answer forum. It's also a social site where you can connect with people who have similar interests.

Everyone is different and people use MyLot for many things. Just a few are:
+ Meeting people and making friends from all over the world 
+ Asking questions and discussing topics of interest
+ Learning about other people and other cultures
+ Practising and improving your English 
+ Showing and promoting your photos, art work &c

Before you start, however, you should take time to read the Terms and the  Community Guidelines! This will only take a few minutes and will definitely help you to get the best out of MyLot. There are only a few basic rules, really, and they are all designed to make MyLot a pleasant place for everybody.

If you really can't be bothered to read "all that stuff ", then here are the four most important points:
  • Be nice! MyLot is a friendly (and family-friendly) site. Unasked for criticism of other members' English, bad language/swearing and pornographic images and text are absolutely forbidden!
  • All posts MUST be in English. You can post quotations &c in other languages but you must provide a translation. Note that MyLot cannot post anything in scripts other than Roman - Chinese, Arabic, Indian and other scripts will NOT work!
  • No spamming! MyLot no longer allows you to post links to your blogs, articles and referral programs  You will almost certainly come across other people who are spamming. DO NOT follow their example (if you care about the community, you should report any posts you see that you think are not following the rules)! 
  • For your own safety (and this applies to all online forums and websites), DO NOT post personal information such as your email address, phone number or Instant Messenger ID. If you want to give that to people, you should only give it to people you know and trust and using the Private Message facility.