Saturday, 18 July 2015

**HOT NEWS!!!**

MyLot to become a Paying Site again!

 It has been informally announced today (17 July 2015) that the original owners of the site have returned and will shortly begin paying again. There will be a new, improved 'earnings algorithm' and they propose to keep the old minimum payment level of $10.

I anticipate that there will be some changes to the Terms and Guidelines and that the rates will only be round about what one can expect these days from any site which intends to survive, but, on the other hand, with a minimum payout of $10, it will take less time to see money in your pocket than some other sites I could mention.

If you are still a member of MyLot, expect to find an announcement in your messages or your email soon. If you aren't a member, it may well be worth your while joining now!


  1. I am currently not posting anywhere except facebook, but I imagine you'll see me frolicking in the fields of tranquility there

  2. I will be waiting for this sweet announcement. See ya there.


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