Friday, 19 February 2016

Mobile-Friendly Version of MyLot Announced

On 15 February 2016 myLot announced a new version of the site which is more mobile-friendly. It is currently in 'beta' mode while bugs are found and ironed out but many have already found that it is working well and it has been almost universally welcomed and judged to be much easier to use.

The announcement and invitation to test it out was made here:

Mobile-friendly myLot is here! Kind of.... Who wants to help?

  • You should note that it may be necessary to log in again when you access the new site, even when using the link above. If 'Log In' is displayed to the right of the myLot logo, you will need to click on it and enter your username and password before you can do any more than just read the page!

First Impressions

The menu system has been redesigned and simplified. "Me" is replaced by your avatar and username, "People" is replaced by "Follows" and the choices which were previously made from menus on the left hand side of the page are now consolidated into drop-down choices from the menu bar. On the right hand side of the menu bar can be found "Search", "Discuss" and "$" (Earnings) which also have drop-down choices (except "Discuss" which just opens an edit pop-up for creating a discussion).

The main changes to the page layout are:
  1. Tags are now displayed prominently in white on green above the title of a discussion. In the discussion listings ("Explore" pages), they are displayed in white on a grey background below the relevant discussion.
  2. Images, where used to illustrate a discussion, now display to full page width below the title and above the text. They also appear as thumbnails alongside the listing in "Explore" pages.
  3. Advertisements. There is now a block inserted after the title in discussions and after the first listing in the "Explore" listings. There are two advertisement blocks on the right hand side of the page (when viewed on a PC)
  4. The format of the page now adjusts itself depending on the device used to view it. The whole of the menu bar should now always be visible and the margins should now adjust themselves to the width of the screen being used.
 Please do take the time to explore the new layout, especially if you are using a mobile device or tablet. Any bugs or difficulties you find should be reported to MyLotBugs, either in the discussion linked to above or by Private Message.

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